Way Too Loud

by The L.A.B.

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Music to make you dance (knife in hand).


released July 12, 2011

Aaron Ehinger- Guitar
Brian Tepps- Synth
Krystal Rosenbrock-Drums
Trevor Cole-Bass

Recorded by Austin Putt
Mastered by Carl Saff@saffmastering



all rights reserved


The L.A.B. Chicago, Illinois

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Track Name: St. Louis Misery
I felt our heart connection slowly wearing thin enough to give. And I gave enough to know that in the end it's you that missed the kick. I know you threw the game. I know you placed a bet. On that there riverboat right by the arch in St. Louis.

Can't find an operation modus. A reason to commit. I've got a room that's made of rubber, waiting for my entrance.

I felt our spatial distance growing since the day you fucking left. I got a letter from a lawyer telling me to hold my breath. I'm not the violent type but reading this I feel a change of heart. Punched through the drywall and it crumbled like a memory in the dark.

Waiting for my quiet end.
Track Name: Paint Your Face
Paint your face and cover your scars. Show me who you really are. A train wreck with a kissable neck. In this city you'll go far. An open mind and open legs. A couple pints and you'll get fed. Heavy lungs and a sugar tongue. I'm sorry babe, have we met?

If I spit will you swallow? If i beg will you follow?

A leap of faith in a godless place. Two faces meet but do not relate. Limp little lid filled with broken kids sits on the floor on an open plate.

The same thing day after day. The same words said different ways.

If you want it. Then go get it.
Track Name: The Constant
These times have been hard as we're readjusting our lives. And I just want you to see that I'm living alone inside your home. Each night the constant is fight and our endurance has lost this time. This distance comes at a price. We won't change unless we try.

I can shut my eyes and make believe that you'll make a promise that you'll keep, but that's a fantasy and our reality is that we're breaking down. You can close your eyes and clench your teeth, remember how it was in 83. But that's a year in time that we can't repeat if we're broken down.

If it's a loss we must take, we must take it together. You now i've lost someone too, and we've lost her forever.

If it's a loss we must take, we must take it together.
Track Name: Way Too Loud
Don't tell no one about the things I say to you. I said those words in confidence. Don't tell no one about those things I did to you. I swear I'm not that ignorant.

Just shut your mouth. You're way too loud. What will the neighbors say? Don't try to run. I see you inching towards the door. Don't make me put you in your place. I'll put you in your place.
Track Name: Big Breath
Fate is what you've been living with. You let it happen with a big breath. It holds you back when you want to jump. Keeps you there when you wanna come. Fate is just another burden.

Go if you want to go. Don't be a victim.

I saw you riding on the red line. To calm you down before you're bed time. I saw you crawl out of your skin. You got out but it pulled you back in. That shell you have is a prison.
Track Name: Code Name
What time is it? Where have I gone? Where am I now? Where have I been? The taste of blood is on my lips. Hands swollen from knuckles to tips.

No one to love. Body of wanting. Looking for fun. Absence of heartbeats. Steady that hand. Hold up that head, she's not worth the cash he's spending on drinks. I'm looking for fun. Finding a fight scene. Head full of holes. Filled them with whiskey. Can't keep my mouth shut. Best not to think straight. Get on the train, or walk on to Clark st. The night is young.